Good Lady Ducayne : Мэри Элизабет Брэддон

Good Lady Ducayne
Авторы - Мэри Элизабет Брэддон
Выпускающий редактор - Мушницкий Максим Русланович
Год издания - 2020
Дизайн: Эдгар Феликсович Присецкий
Формат - epub, fb2, txt, pdf
Обьем книги: 533

Информация: "Good Lady Ducayne"

Good Lady Ducayne', is a gothic novella by Mary Elizabeth Braddon originally published in 1869. It is a nineteenth century incarnation of the popular vampire myth, setting it against the backdrop of an Anglicised region of the Italian Riviera during the Victorian era. This is a great read and an excellent addition to the bookshelf of anyone with an interest in the genre. To this republication is added a specially commissioned brand new short biography of the author. Скачивайте и читайте Good Lady Ducayne.

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